Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring in here!

Spring, the time of fresh beginnings and the start of a busy wedding season!

What are the latest trends for weddings these days? Well, here’s a list of what’s in or getting there.

1. Macaroon – Gone are the days of cupcakes. Macaroon towers/ favors/ cocktail snacks/ candy bars are all the fad these days.

2. Detailed stationary – Brides are doing the whole set from place cards, menu cards (even for Chinese dinners), escort cards, the works

3. Custom made wedding gowns – Why rent when you can make, brides are spending more and more money on their wedding gowns from RM 2,000 up to RM 20,000!!

4. Finer things – The finer things in details are becoming more of a “must-have”, things like cake stands, wishing trees and money boxes (check out our website for ideas). Even the cake needs to have pretty “shoes”!

5. Lightings – Lightings are fast becoming the latest decoration trend because the impact and mood it instantly gives the room is undeniably chic. The weddings we’ve recently work on, the only drawback is your imagination, with imagination and a bigger budget, and the ballroom will be transformed.

6. Overseas pre wedding shoots – The gloves are off and its time to beat the Jones’s. Pre wedding sessions are no more a question of “to do or not to do”, its where in the world to do it. We’ve seen couples jet off to Iceland, Paris, Taiwan, Bali – you name it, couple’s have been there. Recently I went to a wedding and there was a shot of the couple with a bridge in the backdrop, I innocently ask if it was Putrajaya, to the bride’s shock she replied that it was Hong Kong, but of course.

7. A few years ago the color of the season was white and green, every bride wanted a clean modern feel to her wedding. Now, pinks/ reds/ purples are coming back big, brides want a lush, rich and velvety feel to their wedding

That’s it for now, will update as I confirm the changes in trends.