Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Next Big Thing

Planning for a wedding for some it is a challenge and for many others it is an event to get over and done with. As a wedding planner it is really sad when you have brides who can’t wait for the wedding to be over and her life to get back to normal. A wedding is suppose to be the most important event in your life, an event that you can’t wait for it to come and when it does, don't want it to end.

For the bridezilla

The days after the honeymoon will be like losing a friend, you don't have to send daily emails to your wedding planner anymore. You don't have to think about music, colors and flavors anymore and you don't have to fret about the weather anymore. For the bridezilla, they become like lost sheep and can be quite depressed. I have had an ex-bride who emailed me to say she was sad we were not planning her wedding anymore and she missed our daily emails, I have another colleague who has a bride who after 5 years of marriage is now planning her renewal of vows in Phuket (no less) just because… (From what I hear it's the whole works – the gown, the makeup, the cake, the whole bang).

My advice: Don't worry, there will always be the next big thing you need to plan for and the adventure has just begun. Besides, give it a couple of years and you can plan your renewal of vows too.

For the anti-bridezilla

The days after the wedding itself is pure heaven, no more listening to the family, no more decisions to make, no more bills to pay and most importantly no more worries. The anti-bridezilla is the bride who just wants to get married without the wedding. The whole wedding show was the intention of the family or of the groom. So this anti-bridezilla can’t wait that everything is over.

My advice: Don't look back at all the negative memories of your wedding, instead remember the good times and the laughter, remember that you had the time of your life.

As an ex- bridezilla, I have to say it was really sad that my wedding is over; I still look at everyday things and get inspired to have it for my imaginary wedding. But I’m lucky because I get to plan other couple’s weddings and my inspiration is produced in someone else’s big day.

So no matter the type of bride you are, look on the bright side, you still married the one you love.