Friday, November 29, 2013

Wedding Trend #7: Unusual Venues

What do you consider as unusual venues? For some it's a destination beach wedding, others it’s an underwater wedding, some say a coffee shop wedding or a wedding in the jungle is unusual. What may be unusual for you may be totally common for others. What may be an everyday location to some may be an out of this world option for others.

But one thing is for certain; the need to make your wedding YOU and make your wedding unique is the number one priority. For couple’s who don't have the luxury of exploring an entirely different type of venue try to put their magic touch in different ways, for couples whose imagination (and not their pockets) is their only limitation, unusual venues becomes the current trend.

Here we look at some unusual venue options in Malaysia and around the world.  

Dining “underwater” at the Aquaria will create a cool and unique dining
experience for guests. The other extreme of this idea is a truly underwater wedding, where you exchange vows underwater with scuba gear. But this option is not for everyone.

Zoo Negara
If you always wanted to have an African safari wedding, here is our Malaysian version.

KL Tower
Maybe not as unusual as it seems, but KL tower has an open deck area where they conduct base jumping events, which is perfect for ceremonies or sunset virgin cocktails (we don't want your guests jumping off KL tower!)

Eco Venues
Eco friendly kampong style venues like Dusun Garden Fairies in Janda Baik is a perfect back to nature venue for guests to enjoy the cool fresh air and perhaps a picnic style wedding by the river.

A museum may not be one of your first thoughts but interesting nonetheless. The museum Negara offers their outdoor patio area for dinners and ceremonies.

Hot Air Balloon
Rent a hot air balloon and exchange your vows in the sky and float back down for a reception.

On a Bridge
Pick a beautiful old bridge and exchange your vows while the river flows underneath.   

How about getting married in a wine cave or in a limestone cave.


On a grand yacht or a small cruise boat whichever tickles your fancy.

Ferris Wheel
Exchange your vows while on a Ferris wheel if you are a big carnival fan.

Floating in the Air Platform
Or have your reception on a suspended in mid air platform.

On the track

Rent a stadium and have the ceremony and reception on the track for all you sports fans. Or if you’re a football fan, a football field!

Kellie’s castle anyone? A nostalgic venue with a potential for an enchanting evening.

Think an old warehouse or a plane hanger or even a school hall. These may sound like totally outrageous venues and unacceptable by normal standards, but with the right decoration, the right lighting and the right setting you will be amazed at the results.
Wedding Walks
This is another interesting find that has not been done in Malaysia yet, but wouldn’t it be so cool!

Why limit yourself to one set venue when you can get married on the trot? That's the philosophy of Wedding Walks; your big day is planned around a special outdoor route chosen by you. So you can either walk to or from the ceremony while enjoying the beautiful surroundings along the way.

The ceremonies are not legally binding (you can conduct your legal services beforehand) but takes place at any given al fresco beauty spot. Ending up in a quaint café or having a picnic in the park or a riverside restaurant, the choices are as unique as the walk!

We hope to see some of these ideas come true in the New Year!

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