Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Wedding Trend # 9: Hot Colours for 2014

Every bride, decorator and florist knows how tricky it can be when trying to decide on your wedding colours. Just google it and I guarantee you that you will see that brides take their colours seriously.

Thankfully, Pantone, the authority on colour in general has recently released its Spring 2014 Fashion Color Report, filled with beautiful wedding appropriate shades (http://www.pantone.com/pages/fcr/Default.aspx?season=spring&year=2014&pid=3). Inspired by a mixture of blooming flowers, travels abroad and strong, confident women, Pantone encourages mixing and matching various colours from the report or using the individual shades in new ways.

Can't find inspiration from Pantone, here are the growing trends we see (from bride’s requests and from a bit of research).

Shades of Pink
Pink has ALWAYS been the wedding colour of the century, but now we see brides mixing it up a bit to add their own personality to pinks. Its funny because if you ask that same pink bride whether or not her wardrobe, accessories and favorite colour is pink, she will normally say “hell no!” but when it comes to the wedding it will be a pink wonderland for.  Try adding some tiffany blue into the mixture and you’ll get an elegant yet fun touch or blush pink with champagne and ivory for a vintage feel, better yet pink with peach and green for a spring fling!


Grey or platinum has been a strong contender for the past few seasons and it looks like the trend will continue on strong. Pair greys with purples and pinks for countryside feel or grey with canary yellow for a bright yet offbeat look or mint green with grey and ivory for a minimalist look. I love grey or platinum as a theme colour, but check out your venue and see how the grey will affect everything. I’m only worried about it being to “sad” an atmosphere of a grey minimalist venue with grey everywhere.

Navy Blue
Not a usual wedding colour but it actually gives depth and a touch of class. Think about matching it with a softer colour like pink for a whimsical finish, or lime green for a fresh garden look or yellow for a striking twang in your theme. Careful how you use navy blue, too much may make it too dull and you may unexpectedly end up with a nautical theme on your hands.

Neutrals are definitely the “in” thing; everyone has “Zen”, “woodsy” and “natural” concept on their lips. Play it down or up with neutrals but keep in mind your location. You may want to pump in a striking colour just to give it a pop in photos.  Browns, green and greys here will give you a rustic feel perfectly suited for your neutral theme.

Don't mistaken aqua with just another blue; aqua is a really fun colour to use for weddings. You can choose to play with the different shades of blue to tone down aqua or play it up with yellows and pinks. Think about your mother's bougainvillea in the garden and how pretty the pinks and yellow grew together, just add a touch of aqua and you’re ready for a tropical wedding.

Corals came into play last year but only started becoming a big bang recently. Corals are the in between’s of the girly pinks and the sunny oranges, classy yet bright (but not too bright). Told you colours for weddings are a big thing and not an easy decision. Think about playing coral with platinum grey for an elegant look or coral with mint green for a “shout it from the mountain” kind of look or coral and blue for a just the right combination.

Of course the other option for colours is to create your own combination of colours and don't just go with the trend. Just take into consideration the venue, both your characters and the concept of your wedding.

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