Friday, July 23, 2010

Black & White

Many wedding industry players - even the big ones - do not believe / have not been scared / think it's not a biggie .. to have proper contracts/ quotes/ agreements. Everything is just peachy if the event is successful and there are no hiccups. But one minor mistake and all hell will break loose.

It is indeed best to have everything discussed and agreed upon in black and white because within a few months down the road, both parties might not remember what was promised and what was agreed upon. The only ticket is that signed agreement. It gives both parties bargaining power - somewhat, if something turns sour.

Whether it is vendor-to-vendor or client-to-vendor, insist on proper documentations. Gone are the days of handshake deals because these days - we believe in covering our a**es.  Don't risk your reputation and your piggy bank over paperwork.

Both Nupts & Such and Events Wizard have just gotten lawyers to have a look at our contracts which are now iron-clad (or so we hope). This is to protect not only us but our clients as well. At least, as a client, you are assured that you will not be given a bill for my spa session and I can be assured that you don't assume that my fees include your manicure session.

Many of our clients become our friends after the wedding. Let's work towards achieving a great relationship with all vendors and clients. In one recent instance, a potential client of mine, who were also lawyers decided to scrutinize my brand new contract.. and after hundreds of back and forth emails, we could not agree on terms that were acceptable to both parties.

So we both walked away amicably and the bride later sent me flowers to thank me (which was totally a big surprise) and I made a new friend though not a new client. Better we realize and discuss the issue now, than to have a problem and make enemies later.

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