Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nasty Eggs

Its strange to think that in a small wedding community, that there can be people who are envious, people who are "out to get you", people who are nice because they have to and people who are down right nasty. I've had my fair share of ***holes and you'll be surprise to know where they pop out from. Sometimes it is the client but the truth of the matter is most of the time it is the vendors.

People Who Are Envious
The Chinese have a saying, "you see me good, i see you good" :) well bluntly put, we all have our problems, issues and crushed dreams. So don't be envious of someone else's success or you'll just end up with a bad case of gastric. Just go kick yourself in the tush for not thinking of it first.

People Who Are "Out To Get You"
Whatever for? The pie is big enough for all of us! Let us share and be merry. But i know that this is just my idealistic mind on overdrive. People who are out to get you can make a it their full-time job to scheme, plot and plan --- why waste your money making time on screwing someone else over when you could be doing good (and making money).

People Who Are Nice Because They Have To (or more likely pretending to)
We know that sometimes, we need to be polite and diplomatic. But those who go beyond that are just so fake! Sweet smiles and sweet talk is a load of crap. We can see right through you, so please spare us the nonsense and lay it out straight. They pretend to be nice because it is their inferior way of masking their true feelings.

People Who Are Downright Nasty
Well , this is a whole new breed. The ones that keep grudges for a long time, the ones who hit on a well- meaning association, the ones who talk bad/ talk behind/ talk shite about everyone else without looking at themselves --- those are the ones you should never ever go near. Keep your distance and you'll be safe. I believe that if you want to talk about a subject, at least have facts and walk the talk.

My advice to the nasties ... Watch your back , what goes around comes around.

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