Sunday, June 27, 2010

Exclusive Wedding Packages

Determined to open up a whole new market for destination weddings, the team behind The Wedding Planners have worked hard on negotiating some pretty great deals exclusively for our clients within the Indochina region.

Some of the packages that we have negotiated for are also suitable for wedding photographers who wish to take their clients on a photography journey that oozes of old world charm, historical architectures, magnificent natural beauty and cultural heritages.

Whilst Bali is still top on my number one list (and I AM BIASED about this - you all know why), Indochina offers plenty of stunning backdrop for your celebration or portraiture alike. Having been in this business for a decade or so and specializing in destination weddings at that, we are keen to recommend clients to take the roads less traveled a la Journeys For Two style :) How many of you have taken that journey to Ninh Van Bay and watch the yolk of a sun set beyond the horizons? Or how many of you have experienced a floating bar right in the middle of the ocean in Nha Trang? That's what we're talking about, people!

To top it off - these packages are offered at luxurious five star resorts - most of who are award-winning - so you know you are in good hands.

It is after all - YOUR wedding. Why not luxuriate in it and give yourself the best?

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