Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A Wedding Planners Wedding

So a wedding planner’s wedding is supposed to be easy, fast and “oh my god, da-bomb” ? A client of mine told me .. As soon as your fiancé proposed did you whip out your full proposal on the spot with the program, colour scheme and all ?

No its not like that. The wedding planner gets just as much nonsense from family, just as much headache from vendors and just as much anxiety as every other bride.

Worse in fact, because its YOUR once in a lifetime and everyone wants to see what you can do and if you can do it better.

I told myself I will not use my wedding as a marketing tool, but someone told me even if you don’t your vendors will. So let’s share with you my problems. I’m lucky as my fiancé is very supportive of my decisions and by supportive - it means I pick he pays. Hahaha. But there are some issues that just cannot be avoided. If you asked me, the small intimate wedding is the way to go but because of the sheer number of people we know jointly , the small affair is only the beginning.

So the question now is to give and take, but how much giving is too much? And how to diplomatically handle family issues without setting a precedent.

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