Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Association of Wedding Professionals

The association was an idea over coffee at Starbucks . An idea by Eileen and myself to create a governing body to give wedding couples a secured platform in which they can get trustworthy vendors for their party of a lifetime - the big Wedding.

From that day, it took us 2 years before actually lifting it off (we did not anticipate the amount of red tape, paperwork, babysitting and convincing it took to get everything together) and now the association (www.awpmalaysia.org) is turning 2 years old and we are proud to say we have achieved many things.

At least there are couple's that know us and there are vendors that believe in our cause. Look out in July and you'll see AWP in an entirely new light.

But let me be the first to say, it has been one hell of a journey and the amount of work involved in the association you will never think its worth it. It is like running a company without the perks of being actually paid ! If i knew that it was going to be so much baby sitting would I so gallantly propose the idea ? Yes unfortunately we're suckers for pain.

Because its our blood, sweat and tears put into this non profit baby we will stick by him/her till the end. So even if the actual working horses are just a handful of people (and the rest only wants ride on the wagon) so be it. The horses will keep everything running .

For the wedding vendors, its always been a wait and see approach. The only way to increase membership so far is to dangle the right carrot in front of them. We've only managed to increase our membership through highly publicize events, which to AWP has always been our secret weapon, being events based Eileen & myself have almost 20+ years (ok let's not give you an exact number of years for those who know how to count) in the advertising and events line, having events that shouts about AWP , give members due credit and boosts the association (which in turns boosts the members) image is the only way to go .

Happy to say to everyone who is waiting and seeing - The bandwagon is leaving, hop on before you find yourself left behind .

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