Monday, September 27, 2010

Pre Wedding Treatments : Face, Body, Hair & Nails

I know brides who go to the full scale extend of diet programs, eyelash, hair and nails extensions. Not too sure about any enlargements ☺ but certainly a lot of money spent on making yourself absolutely gorgeous for your one special day.

I’ll tell you what I did. First I got my magazines and swam the Internet Ocean to look for THE LOOK I wanted and from there it was pretty easy. My friend and designer Kris says that your first instinct is always the best. This proved true with my gown, my overall look and accessories I wanted.

Had a chat with my makeup artist, Cindy to talk about my colors, tones and my skin regime.

Told my hair stylist, Chloe what I wanted to achieve and hair length I needed to get.

Had another chat with another friend, Louise -- a nail expert to talk about extensions, acrylic nails, and the works.

Also changed my eating habits, those who know me know that I did an extreme makeover here. Got on an exercise regime – not as extreme as Eileen’s but exercise nonetheless.

Got on a multivitamin program to get us in good health. Got a full medical check up.

And all these conversations took place right from the start, so that I had time to experiment, try out and test. I used other functions and events I had throughout the year to test out colors, styles and tones I liked.

I am happy to say without spending a lot of money on pre treatments, I’m good to go. I know what works and does not work and I’ll I had to do was ask.

My advice actually is to get in good health; the last thing you want is to fall ill before, during and after your wedding.

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