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Two Minutes with Wedding Stationeries Provider | Debra Char from Acadia Cards

Established since 2002, Acadia specializes in producing simple, elegant and stylish personalized wedding invitation to match your event themes and colour. Inline with their corporate strategy to streamline and focus their businesses by division, they re-branded their wedding stationery business to Acadia Card in January 2009. Other than personalized invitations, they also cater for other wedding stationeries such as ceremony booklets, reply cards, dinner menus, escort and place cards, save-the-dates, wedding wishes and thank you cards. Acadia expands its services to Cambodia via The Wedding Planners - for clients who are looking at more unique, personalized and customized wedding stationeries.

We take time speaking to Debra Char about her thoughts and creativity behind
Acadia Cards.

The beautiful Ms Debra Char....
How long have you been in the business of making pretty stationeries for bride and grooms?

We started in 2002 and it was by coincidence that one of our corporate clients was not able to find someone to customize her wedding invitation cards so we offered our services. Since then, we started making personalized wedding invitations and it slowly expanded to other wedding stationeries.

Do share with us, what is your area of stationeries specialty?

We do provide consultation to our clients, discussing their requirements, from colour theme, design concept, material selection right to the finishing treatment of the stationeries.
What do you think are the current wedding invitations / stationeries trends for wedding clients?

Every couple wants to have a unique and personalized wedding invitation. So, we do provide suggestions to meet their requirements and at the same time, we also provide advise regarding tradition and custom. Currently bright coloured cards are back in demand and besides that, the warm and earthy toned coloured cards are still popular.

We’ve heard that you do sometimes provide stationeries for brides who are based overseas.  How does this work actually? All through email?

Yes! If a couple have engaged a wedding planner, we will liaise with the wedding planner. But if not, generally we would deal with them through emails. It's all very convenient actually.
Do you think culture and tradition play a big role in how the wedding couple wants their wedding stationeries done?

Absolutely! As most Asian couples are brought up in such a way where they will need to consult parents and/or family before deciding on their wedding invitation design and wordings. As you may well know, in Asia, a wedding is not just about the couple. It is a family matter too. But then again, sometimes, it all boils down to who is paying for the wedding. That would be the decision-maker, really. You see a lot of the couples in Malaysia and Singapore are now paying for their own weddings so the style of the cards are becoming more modernized.

You have traveled to Cambodia. What is your perception of this country?
Cambodia is a really a new market for us and most of the couples that I met during the two bridal fairs that we attended would like to have unique and personalized wedding invitations as compared to their traditional stationeries. However, the colours / colour themes of the cards are still their main concern. For example the stationeries set that we customized for Chris & Pisey's wedding, despite it being a modernized design, there is still bright colours used for it.

Oh yes. I agree. So do you think wedding stationeries like yours will have a market here in Cambodia?
I think so, of course but as our products are still new to the Cambodian couple, it will take sometime for them to explore and understand how personalized invitations or wedding stationeries can be part of their wedding themes.

I agree. But this trend is slowly changing already as we speak. You can see some couples asking for personalized designs for the wedding stationeries too. Anyway, before we part – can you share 5 Top Tips for the bride and groom when choosing their Wedding Stationeries?
An invitation is the first impression of your wedding arrangements to your guests, so make it impressionable!

Order your cards at least 6 months in advance to your big day to avoid last minute rushing
Know what you want and what you need

Always make provision for additional cards
Do consult parents or family members on appropriate invitation wordings as these things can be rather sensitive

Thank you so much Debra for your time!

Meanwhile - have a look at some of the personalized stationeries for weddings courtesy of Acadia Cards below!


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