Thursday, October 17, 2013

Wedding Trend #3 : The Wow Factor

Every wedding is out to achieve a “wow” factor but of course “wow” means different things to different people. For some it can means THE drop dead gorgeous dress, for others it may mean the 5-carat ring

But for couple’s these days it's the first impression, the concept and the setting. Giving your wedding that extra va-va-voom is a pre-requisite for this year.

The reason for this latest craze is because everyone is going to everyone’s wedding, so couple’s feel the need to make sure that when friend A attends their wedding at a hotel that he/she has visited for the umpteenth time, they want to achieve the jaw dropping “wow” reaction from their guest.

So enter the lights, the drapes, the fabric flowers, the candelabra’s and everything else in between. So here is a quick guide on what are the standard “wow” points.

First impressions
Impress your guest starting from the invitation cards right to the end of the party; there is nothing more impressive that showing guests you have put some thought into every little detail. From personalized menu cards to bathroom essentials for the powder room, impress your guest by going that extra mile. If a favor or menu card were addressed to you personally, wouldn’t it make you smile?  

Create the right ambiance to suit your theme, concept and characters. You won’t be able to fulfill everyone’s kind suggestions but you should create a concept that showcases who you both are.

Back to our article of 1001 theme’s you’ll know what I mean. But take into consideration the type of guests who will be attending, if it’s mainly for your father’s business associates I don't think a superhero theme with be amusing to them.

Most couples go for candle lighting for that cozy feel be it on the centerpieces or on the walkways, some add venue lighting like “Citi-colors”, moving heads and LED bars. These change the look and feel of venues that are large enough to take the heat (literally). With event lighting, be careful not to overdo it, there is a fine line between ambiance lighting and red light districts!

Then there is fabric flowers, candelabras, wall draping’s and fashionable furniture, with the right helping hand your decorator and planner can help create a cohesive ambiance for your theme. But with the wrong style and taste, it's a nightmare waiting to happen.

To sum it up, really good friends and family attend a wedding because it's a celebration of your love and union. Not really good friends and family attend to see how well you plan it and then talk about it behind your back. So how and why you attempt to create the wow factor for your wedding will depend on whom you want to impress and whether it is worth all that effort. Plan the wedding for yourself – as long as YOU are both happy and try to remember it is a celebration of your union and love.

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